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Working method

How we make your stand or exhibition project successful

The realization of an exhibition stand is a fairly complex process. That is why we are happy to give you an idea of our working method:

First contact

Your first contact with our company is probably done by telephone or email. You will then have contact with one of our project managers, who will answer your first questions.


Our projectmanager will write a first briefing based on your application, by telephone or via email. If the complexity of the stand requires a detailed discussion, an appointment will be made with you in order to go through all the details.

Then the projectmanager will discuss your application with our design department in order to create a stand that, both aesthetically and practically, meets your needs.

Prepare stand proposal

A stand design is developed by our design department and put on paper. The necessary calculations are made to prepare a suitable quotation. Design and offer will be presented to you.

The first proposal rarely meets all expectations, but will be close. The necessary adjustments to the design and quotation will then be processed at your request.

Work preparation

When we reach an agreement about the stand design and the accompanying offer, a file is started for the practical development of the stand. We prepare the stand in advance accurately in order to work as efficiently as possible onsite and thus guarantee a quick installation. The necessary orders are placed and the graphic work is viewed and created by means of the logo and print files supplied by you.


During the build-up period, your stand at the exhibition location will be assembled with the utmost care.


The stand will be disassembled after the exhibition. Possibly, certain stand components can be saved after prior agreement, if the stand has to be reused several times.